Happier Husband Courses

•Be The Man You Want to Be– what has happened to your masculinity & how to get it back.

•Understanding Women (your wife) & how to make her happy.

•How to Create a Calmer, Happier Family Life & Home Life

•How to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom – build a stronger inner relationship to your higher self.

•A Happier Life by Design– how to use design thinking to iterate to a better and better way of life.

Manifest Your Soul Husband Course ~ The man just right for your soul.

Become the woman he wants to marry! Most people think that love is a mystery and there’s a certain magic to finding the spouse that will turn into a long lasting marriage. But I have figured out there is a formula of sorts, a step-by-step method to meeting and marrying the man that will be your “Soul Husband” for life.

You will learn how to:

•Find and attract the right man into your life (the man just right for your soul)

•Save yourself time and heartache

•Speed up the process of finding true love

•Set yourself up for a satisfying, lasting marriage

Happier Family Courses

•Inside the Mind of a Child – pinpointing the thoughts and capacities of a child based on stages of development, to help shape a healthy, confident identity

•The Happier Baby – training from infant to toddler ages – methods to help them to be happier so you will be a less stressed parent

•The Emotionally Resilient Child – the foundations needed for a child to navigate the ups and downs in life

•How to Create a Calmer, Happier Family & Home Life

About ChewOnThis! Media founder Angeline Chew Longshore

Angeline Chew Longshore has studied human behavior starting at 12 years old when she vowed to change her life for the better.

She has informally tracked the happiness and the success of human beings while in the following roles as:

•Hairstylist (for men and women for 10 years).

•Television news producer and reporter (interviewing and observing people from all walks of life in extraordinary circumstances— breaking news, tragedies, triumphs, celebrity).

•Talk show producer creating shows on health, wellness, relationships, dating, and sexuality.

•Advertising, marketing and branding for micro-influencers and personal brands

•Counseling individuals on love, family dynamics and self-development

Angeline is a certified life coach working toward accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.