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Overcome Emotional Barriers and Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

~ Deep Seated Emotion Break-Through Sessions with Angeline Longshore: Unlock the Hidden Emotions to Love, Family, Happiness, and Business Success.

Are you struggling to find happiness and fulfillment in your relationships, family, or work life? Do you feel weighed down by deep-seated emotions that are preventing you from achieving your goals and living your best life? Or do you feel there’s something blocking your happiness, but you just can’t figure it out? If so, it’s time to take action and break free from the emotional barriers that are holding you back.

Angeline Longshore, an Emmy award nominated former news journalist specializing in shows on health, wellness, lifestyle, love relationships, sexuality and investigative journalism, now a certified life coach in emotional healing and personal transformation, offers Deep Seated Emotion Break-Through Sessions designed to help you overcome the emotional obstacles that are standing in your way. With Angeline’s guidance, you’ll learn how to quickly tap into the power of your emotions, create lasting change, and unlock the barriers to love, family, happiness, and business success. In these quick hour sessions, we focus on one issue at a time.


Angeline Longshore’s lessons break life’s issues into doable steps. Paradigms have shifted for me with her personalized guidance. I’m happier as a dad and husband for my wife and kids.

Ryan F. ~ Colorado

I’ve been working with Angeline for about 6 months following her Soul Husband course and working one on one doing Growthwork. I have worked with countless other practitioners over the last decade and tried many modalities but nothing has felt as right (or pleasant) as working with Angeline. Her approach is unique in that she combines her incredible intuition with research based steps to help achieve my goals and break through barriers. She has the ability to pick up on where I’m at any given time and adapt our sessions accordingly. I feel like I have made huge progress since working with her. Things that were blocked in my life have shifted and sometimes I have to remind myself of the progress! 

Angeline is gentle yet firm. Her energy is incredibly supportive, loving and kind. She exudes generosity, compassion and so much wisdom. She just knows what to say or what I need at any given time to help support me, she’s very tuned in. Plus, talking with Angeline feels like chatting to your wisest girlfriend, I often forget we’re doing work!

LOUISE W. ~ Hawaii

Save yourself years of suffering. A small investment of $150 will result in the relief and be the action step you will wish you took years ago.

  • Focus – I can usually pinpoint the hidden issues by listening, probing, and then help you think through to a solution strategy. We go deep quickly so you can have some realistic, actionable insights and answers.
  • Honest Insight – If you’re on a call with me, you’re going to hear what I believe you need to hear. In order to break through we both need to be truly honest and transparent.
  • Root Cause – I’m known for getting down to the root of the issue pretty quickly. I’ll ask you questions like an investigative journalist would to surface the real thing blocking the way to your ideal life.
  • Life direction – Once we peel open the layers and expose the real truth of the matter, the issues often dissolve. And then we can point you in the direction you want to go in life, and you’re off to the races.

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